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Merry Christmas


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The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve

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Happy Thanksgiving To You & Your Family!!

Happy Thanksgiving To You & Your Family!!

From the Wholesome Homes family, we want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving With Flowers, Pumpkins, and Love.

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Haunted Real Estate

Are you a fan of haunted houses, ghost tours, or towns around the USA with paranormal activity? Wholesome Homes has put together a list of seven Haunted Real Estates in areas of Wholesome Homes offices: Michigan; Austin, TX; or Memphis, TN.

 1.      Haunted Real Estate:

Blackwell House

Memphis, TN

The Blackwell House is a Victorian home located on Sycamore View Road in Bartlett. Legend has it that the wife of the original owner, Nicholas Blackwell, died just two nights after moving into the house. According to the story, subsequent residents have not been able to stay in the home for any length of time because the home is now haunted by the ghosts of both Blackwells — two spirits who are frequently roaming through the house, wearing their Sunday best.

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2.      Haunted Real Estate Dining:  

The Spaghetti Warehouse

117 W. 4th St. Austin, TX

When you’re ready for a good, filling meal, Austin’s Spaghetti Warehouse is the place to eat… and encounter ghosts.

Ask your waiter about the latest ghost sightings at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  Most of the staff seem to have first-person stories to share.

In addition to quirky poltergeist activity, ask about the ghost who appears as a man — or just legs —around the restaurant’s vault.

After dinner, stroll up the street to the upscale gay men’s bar, Oilcan Harry’s.  There, look for one of Austin’s most colorful ghosts, the late madam Blanche Dumont.  She’ll be among the dancers.

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3.       Haunted Real Estate

Henderson Castle

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Over a century old and supposedly host to a legion of ghosts, Kalamazoo’s Henderson Castle is now a bed and breakfast that caters to the living… and the dead. The ghosts of the home’s original owners Frank and Mary Henderson, as well as those of a Spanish-American War veteran, a little girl, and a dog interact regularly with paranormal teams and guests alike. The apparently amiable spirits have favorite forms of communication, speaking through unplugged radios, tapping unsuspecting visitors on the shoulder, and sometimes appearing in full form, wearing period clothing.

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4.      Haunted Real Estate

Woodruff- Fontaine House

Memphis, TN

There is one room in this historic home that is purported to be haunted. Molly Woodruff Henning is said to inhabit The Rose Room, though she occasionally wanders throughout the rest of the house. A seemingly friendly spirit, Molly reportedly once instructed museum staff on the correct placement of the furniture in her former bedroom.

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5. Haunted Real Estate

Hunt-Phelan House

Memphis, TN

Marking the Lauderdale Street end of the infamous section of Beale Street where Blues music first developed, the Hunt-Phelan House has just as infamous a history. Built in 1832 by George Wyatt, during the Civil War the house was used a headquarters for Confederate General Leonidas Polk while planning the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi and a few months later after the fall of Memphis, the house was headquarters for Union General Ulysses S. Grant while he planned the Vicksburg Campaign. The house then served as a Freedmen’s Bureau and was finally returned to the family by President Andrew Johnson in 1865. More recently, the house has been opened as The Inn at Hunt-Phelan featuring four-star accommodations and restaurants.

As with a house this old and historically important, it does have some legends. Among them is the legend of servant, Nathan Wilson. In 1873, during the height of a yellow fever epidemic, the Hunt family fled Memphis and entrusted a chest of gold to their faithful servant. He was later found dead in his room but the mud on his boots indicating he may have buried the gold before he died. Stories have emerged that his spirit is still seen and will guide people to his treasure.

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6.      Haunted Real Estate

Felt Mansion

Saugatuck, Michigan

Felt Mansion, located on the Mitten’s west coast between Holland and Saugatuck, has worn several masks since its construction in 1928. The mansion was originally a gift to inventor Dorr Felt’s beloved wife Agnes, who died shortly after the Felt family moved in. After they left the home, it was transformed into a seminary, and then a police and drug enforcement agency office. It is presently being restored to its former glory. Homes with such rich history rarely remain quiet:  many believe that the spirit of Agnes Felt wanders the house she was never able to enjoy in life. A shadowy figure waltzes around the ballroom frightening the mansion’s tourists, while heavy doors open and close of their own accord. There are even accounts of Agnes reprimanding guests whom she has deemed to be too offensive or crude in her presence.

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7.      Haunted Real Estates

Mackinac Island

Michigan, USA

Thought to be the most haunted place in the Awesome Mitten, Mackinac Island  has tours devoted to its most ghost-ridden locales. From the Grand Hotel (built upon the first military post’s cemetery) to Fort Mackinac (explored by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters) to Mission Point (haunted by the ghost of young man who shot himself after a heartbreak), Mackinac Island is a paranormal investigator’s dream destination. The occasionally bloody history and relative isolation of the island lends to its spooky atmosphere of this time of year.

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How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Why Clean a Dishwasher?

Because the door attracts fingerprints every time you load it with dirty dishes, and the interior (especially the corners and crevices) accumulates residue comprising food particles, grease, and soap scum. Not only do these deposits look bad, they eventually begin to give off an odor because of bacteria that thrives in warm, moist, and dark places. A monthly cleaning can keep your dishwasher looking like new.

Clean the Door

Open the dishwasher door so you can get at its top and sides. Dip a small toothbrush in hot, soapy water, and scrub around the door. Make sure you dig into the grooves of the rubber seal and any other crevices, including the hinges. This step might require gentle scrubbing with abrasive cleanser. Wipe up the resulting grime with a household sponge dipped in hot soapy water. Wipe away any cleaning solution left behind with a clean, wet sponge.


Clean the Tub

Before you start cleaning the tub, use a handful of paper towels to grab any debris from the base of the dishwasher. You’ll find most of the debris around the drain.

Once the debris is removed, set a dishwasher-safe cup of plain white vinegar on the top rack. (The dishwasher should be otherwise empty.) Run a full cycle, choosing the hottest water possible to disinfect the unit while it’s being cleaned. When the cycle is done, wipe out the inside of the dishwasher with paper towels or a clean, dry cloth.


Clean the Accessories

Your last step is cleaning the accessories. Take out the racks. Wipe off any stuck-on food particles or other debris. Scrub the spray arm with a soft brush or toothbrush to remove clogs.


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How to Improve Family Time at Home

Are you having trouble getting your family at home on the same page that you’re on? Sometimes it could just be a lack of communication going on inside the house or maybe the family has interfering schedules. it’s very important that everyone in the house is in sync with one another. If you haven’t incorporated different ways to acknowledge the issues at hand, here are a few tips.

1) A Family Meeting

Family meetings are one of the best sources of communication for the family. This time allows everyone to say what they have on their mind. The important thing about communicating during family time is to not to allow anyone to talk over one another, everyone must hear each other out before making any comments or questions. It is also important to always tell the truth, but be careful of what you say and how you say it.

2) A Family Calendar

To know about the things or events that are going on underneath one roof it is a great idea to post a calendar somewhere visible on the refrigerator or on the wall. This way no one will be unaware of anything and there will be no one to blame for being misinformed. For example, if Jimmy is coming home late Friday night or Sarah’s staying at a sleepover for the weekend, as long as it’s marked down on the calendar the parents will not have to be concerned of their whereabouts. The important thing about the calendar is making sure that you still mention in person what you put on the calendar; because someone may forget to check it.

3)Family Movie/Game Night

Have a movie night with the family to spend some quality time together. Pull out an old board game, like monopoly! Nowadays, family time isn’t how it used to be. Most teenagers or young children are cooped up in their rooms on phones, tablets, video games, etc. Make them bring the video game in the family room; ask them to teach you how to play. Just interact with one another, without the phones and other electronics involved.

Please watch the video below for additional information

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“How to Improve Family Relationships in 2014 by Parenting Expert and Contributor Dr. G.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 01 June 2014.



Top Tips for Childproofing Your Home

With summer around the corner, your children will be out of school and probably spending more time at home. To make sure your home is a safe environment, childproofing is essential. Here is a list of a few safety precautions.

Physical Safety

  1. Keep breakable items away from children. Items made of glass or ceramic should be kept out of reach to prevent any injuries. You can also switch to using rubber instead of breakable materials.
  2. Use playpens. To make sure young children are not running into items or getting hurt around the house, playpens are very useful. They are also often portable in case the child is visiting a neighbor or friend.
  3. Use safety gates and fences. Keeping children away from accidents, safety gates can be placed in front of stairways. If you have a pool, you may also use pool fences to prevent children from accidently falling into the pool.
  4. Cover furniture edges and other sharp corners. If your children like to run around, it is highly advisable to cover sharp edges to keep them from getting hurt.

Medical Safety

  1. Keep medicine out of reach. To do so, you can use child-proof caps or store the medicine in higher cabinets and shelves.
  2. Make sure household chemicals are stored away. Like medicine, household chemicals should be placed in locked cabinets and shelves or in places that children cannot reach.                                  

Fire and Electrical Safety

  1. Block access to electrical outlets. Inserting objects into electrical outlets is a risk for electrocution and serious injury. To prevent these accidents, you can use sliding outlet covers or plastic units.
  2. Install smoke alarms in every room. You should also check them monthly to make sure they are working.
  3. Create an evacuation plan. In case a fire breaks out, you should run through an evacuation plan with your child and remind them of the dangers of fire.

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Decorating a New Home

Moving can be an exhilarating experience, especially if it’s your first house. One of the primary things that you must tackle is turning a house into your home. The following are some tips for decorating a new home:

Don’t buy everything at once

When you first move in, those empty walls and sparse bookshelves can be daunting. While you will want to infuse your personality into every aspect of your house right away, you should take your time. Start by purchasing essential pieces and some decorations. In the following months, buy items here and there as you see them. This will save you from splurging on things that you think you need to fill space in an empty home.

Invest in big ticket items

While you are purchasing the essentials, be attentive to what you are spending your money on. You should invest in items like large pieces of furniture and necessary appliances. Don’t spend a lot of money on top of the line wine bottle openers or expensive coasters. Spending more money now on better quality things can ultimately save you money in the long run.

Avoid buying sets

Furniture showrooms often create the idea that in order to have a perfectly decorated living room you have to buy a complete set. However, doing so would make your home look just like those furniture showrooms! Instead purchase some pieces in a set, like a bed frame and matching dresser, but find end tables somewhere else. Mixing and matching will show that you spent time finding the perfect items for your house, and not like a store picked them out for you.

Add personal touches

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative! Instead of spending money on all new cabinets, consider painting them and adding new hardware. Being resourceful will also save you money. Visit thrift stores and yard sales for items like picture frames and small knick-knacks that will give your home a personal touch that only you could create!


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Graduation Party Clean-Up

Now that it’s June, it’s time for graduation parties! Everyone loves a good party – the food, the decor, the laughs. When the graduation party is over and it’s time to cleanup, use these four simple steps to effectively clean your home.


1. Pre-party Preparation

Before the party starts, make sure your home is prepared for it! Set out coasters, have paper towels on hand, and provide plenty of trash and recycling bins. Taking time to prevent messes now will save you time later.

2. Pick up

Once the party is over you should grab a trash bag and pick up any rubbish littering your kitchen, living room, and backyard. Clearing out cups and plates first will allow you to get to the grime on furniture, walls, and floors.

 3. Wipe up

The next step is to wipe down surfaces that may have gotten dirty during the party. Use Windex on your windows and mirrors, an all purpose cleaner on your walls, and soap on your tables.

 4. Vacuum and Sweep

Now that you’ve tackled the walls and furniture in your home, it’s time to turn your attention to the floor. Be sure to use a stain remover for any spills on your carpet. Then, you can vacuum your rugs and sweep or mop your floors to remove the final party debris.


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