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Haunted Real Estate

Are you a fan of haunted houses, ghost tours, or towns around the USA with paranormal activity? Wholesome Homes has put together a list of seven Haunted Real Estates in areas of Wholesome Homes offices: Michigan; Austin, TX; or Memphis, TN.

 1.      Haunted Real Estate:

Blackwell House

Memphis, TN

The Blackwell House is a Victorian home located on Sycamore View Road in Bartlett. Legend has it that the wife of the original owner, Nicholas Blackwell, died just two nights after moving into the house. According to the story, subsequent residents have not been able to stay in the home for any length of time because the home is now haunted by the ghosts of both Blackwells — two spirits who are frequently roaming through the house, wearing their Sunday best.

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2.      Haunted Real Estate Dining:  

The Spaghetti Warehouse

117 W. 4th St. Austin, TX

When you’re ready for a good, filling meal, Austin’s Spaghetti Warehouse is the place to eat… and encounter ghosts.

Ask your waiter about the latest ghost sightings at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  Most of the staff seem to have first-person stories to share.

In addition to quirky poltergeist activity, ask about the ghost who appears as a man — or just legs —around the restaurant’s vault.

After dinner, stroll up the street to the upscale gay men’s bar, Oilcan Harry’s.  There, look for one of Austin’s most colorful ghosts, the late madam Blanche Dumont.  She’ll be among the dancers.

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3.       Haunted Real Estate

Henderson Castle

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Over a century old and supposedly host to a legion of ghosts, Kalamazoo’s Henderson Castle is now a bed and breakfast that caters to the living… and the dead. The ghosts of the home’s original owners Frank and Mary Henderson, as well as those of a Spanish-American War veteran, a little girl, and a dog interact regularly with paranormal teams and guests alike. The apparently amiable spirits have favorite forms of communication, speaking through unplugged radios, tapping unsuspecting visitors on the shoulder, and sometimes appearing in full form, wearing period clothing.

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4.      Haunted Real Estate

Woodruff- Fontaine House

Memphis, TN

There is one room in this historic home that is purported to be haunted. Molly Woodruff Henning is said to inhabit The Rose Room, though she occasionally wanders throughout the rest of the house. A seemingly friendly spirit, Molly reportedly once instructed museum staff on the correct placement of the furniture in her former bedroom.

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5. Haunted Real Estate

Hunt-Phelan House

Memphis, TN

Marking the Lauderdale Street end of the infamous section of Beale Street where Blues music first developed, the Hunt-Phelan House has just as infamous a history. Built in 1832 by George Wyatt, during the Civil War the house was used a headquarters for Confederate General Leonidas Polk while planning the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi and a few months later after the fall of Memphis, the house was headquarters for Union General Ulysses S. Grant while he planned the Vicksburg Campaign. The house then served as a Freedmen’s Bureau and was finally returned to the family by President Andrew Johnson in 1865. More recently, the house has been opened as The Inn at Hunt-Phelan featuring four-star accommodations and restaurants.

As with a house this old and historically important, it does have some legends. Among them is the legend of servant, Nathan Wilson. In 1873, during the height of a yellow fever epidemic, the Hunt family fled Memphis and entrusted a chest of gold to their faithful servant. He was later found dead in his room but the mud on his boots indicating he may have buried the gold before he died. Stories have emerged that his spirit is still seen and will guide people to his treasure.

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6.      Haunted Real Estate

Felt Mansion

Saugatuck, Michigan

Felt Mansion, located on the Mitten’s west coast between Holland and Saugatuck, has worn several masks since its construction in 1928. The mansion was originally a gift to inventor Dorr Felt’s beloved wife Agnes, who died shortly after the Felt family moved in. After they left the home, it was transformed into a seminary, and then a police and drug enforcement agency office. It is presently being restored to its former glory. Homes with such rich history rarely remain quiet:  many believe that the spirit of Agnes Felt wanders the house she was never able to enjoy in life. A shadowy figure waltzes around the ballroom frightening the mansion’s tourists, while heavy doors open and close of their own accord. There are even accounts of Agnes reprimanding guests whom she has deemed to be too offensive or crude in her presence.

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7.      Haunted Real Estates

Mackinac Island

Michigan, USA

Thought to be the most haunted place in the Awesome Mitten, Mackinac Island  has tours devoted to its most ghost-ridden locales. From the Grand Hotel (built upon the first military post’s cemetery) to Fort Mackinac (explored by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters) to Mission Point (haunted by the ghost of young man who shot himself after a heartbreak), Mackinac Island is a paranormal investigator’s dream destination. The occasionally bloody history and relative isolation of the island lends to its spooky atmosphere of this time of year.

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College Football Home Decor

As college football season comes to a close (and yes we’re as disappointed as you are to see it end), we’re looking back at some of the college football home decor. Enjoy!

✈ A bookshelf made with oars? Yes, please. Loving the collegiate pendants too.  ✈

How cute for fall decor if you have kids in school sports, etc.

our family loves college football so it would be neat to copy a ticket from one of the big games we attended...or maybe even a concert ticket.......Amber....i love this idea for tish or nick....i know they just went to that playoff game.....this is awesome!

Google Image Result for

Custom Football Shower Tag for Shower Curtain Bathroom Decoration NFL College | eBay

Boat Cleat - Wall Rack - Towel Hook - Coat Rack - Nautical Nursery - Beach House Decor - Team Decor - College Football Decor

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Creative Ways To Organize Your Home

We know that usually springtime is the season of cleaning, organizing, and decluttering but we also know that holidays bring family, friends, extended-stay guests, and massive amounts of rushed cleaning. So…we found some ideas that will help make your home look, feel, and be more organized because the last thing you need while the in-laws are around is to worry that your laundry room looks like a tornado hit.

Hang spray bottles from a tension rod.

Use an easy to install tension rod to hang spray bottles. Makes for easy access and identification. 

Use basic wooden crates for next to the back door storage.


Use simple wooden crates to make next-to-the-back-door storage easy. It also gives the area a homey feel. Definitely better than having to paint white or black shelving. 

Use wine boxes (cause we know you have them during the holidays) for children's shoes.


Since finding leftover wine boxes might be easier this time of year, why not use it to store the kids shoe collection?

Use cereal boxes for drawer dividers. Great for art supplies and electronics.


Do you need a way to organize holiday craft items or extra electronic devices and accessories? Well, reuse cereal boxes as drawer dividers. They make things easy to see and keep cords from tangling. 

Turn bookshelves into window benches for the kids.


Turn regular bookshelves into pretty window benches for the kids while offering extra storage space. 


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Real Estate Personality Quizzes

Want to know what your home says about you?

Interested to know how your decorating style expresses your life choices?

Looking to find out why it makes sense that you love blue on walls but hate green?

Always wondered why you prefer subdivisions over farm houses?

With these links you can learn all of this and more! We’ve put together some of the popular personality quizzes related to real estate. Let us know what your home personality is like!

Find your color personality with Better Homes and Gardens. It really works! We know because one of our interns took the quiz and chose the new color for her bedroom.

What's your color personality? Find out at

New homeowners can find their home’s personality here.

Personality of Homes?

If you’re a long time homeowner try this quiz: Home’s Personality with Emily Clark

If you want to know your decorating style use this quiz but if you’d rather know the personality behind your clutter take this one instead. Or maybe you want to take both so you’ll know how to decorate once you finish cleaning out the office, guest cottage, and basement. 

Kitchen Design Personality Find yours at

Are you thinking about redecorating or completely overhauling your kitchen? You might want to take this quiz before you start.

Kitchen Personality Quiz 

Or, are you looking to relocate? How does your personality predict your dream location?

If you don’t find the perfect quiz here, you can easily find more online. There are A LOT to search and choose from. Let us know what your home personality is like.

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Direct Links (just in case you need to copy and paste)

Color Personality:

New Homeowner Quiz:

Home Personality Quiz with Emily Clark:

Decorating Style:

Clutter Quiz:

Kitchen Quiz:

Dream Living Location:

Decorating A Room That Fits Your Mood

What do the common rooms in your home say about you?

Have you ever walked into someone else’s home and been able to view the world through their eyes just by being in their space? If so, that’s because how a room is decorated, arranged, and focused says a lot about a person’s lifestyle, perspective, and energy.

Sometimes, the room functions as a play area, practice or work space and sometimes the theme expresses a lifestyle rather than a specific creative passion. It all depends on what you want your home to say about you.

If you don’t have an entire room to decorate, don’t worry. Try using small areas of common spaces to express yourself. Maybe you’ll design a craft corner or a 3D travel journal. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve compiled pictures of creative or activity based common areas for you to enjoy. Maybe one will inspire you to designate a space to self expression in your home.

Music Room

Music Room

Active Play Rooms

Active Play Room: Fun sized Gym

Activity Room

Social/Game Room

Adult PlayRoom

Art Room

Art Room

Craft Room

Craft Room

Black and White, Classic Theme

Black and White Color Inspired Room

Beach Theme

Beach Inspired Room

Safari, Exploration Theme

Safari, Exploration Theme

Pop Art, Colorful Inspiration Theme

Pop Art, Spunky Inspired Room



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Holiday Homes in Cinema

It’s here! The season arrived in full force this past week. No, not the season of shopping and eating too much food- the season of holiday movies! Turn to Hallmark, TCM, or ABC Family almost every night from now until January to watch holiday, family, and feel good films.

If you’re like me, you probably have a few favorites that you watch every year again and again. Have you ever researched the sets for any of those films? Well, we did some digging and found some interesting facts regarding the homes and real estate used in some classic holiday movies.

The Holiday:

We discovered that only one of the main locations in The Holiday is real. The exterior of the L.A. location exists in San Marino, CA.

Onsite Filming: The Holiday  LA house

Miracle on 34th Street (The original):

The house in Port Washington, NY was built in 1943. It has 2 bathrooms, looks almost the same as it did when originally built, and is definitely not for sale.

White Christmas and Holiday Inn:

Sadly, neither of these films used real homes or local hotels. The magic was all Hollywood. We still love these classic holiday films, even if they didn’t film on location.

White Christmas Inn Hollywood Set

Home for the Holidays:

The cast of this 90s film spent more than 2 months filming in Baltimore, MD- a long way from Hollywood and LA. The longest filming portion of the movie was the Thanksgiving dinner scene which took almost 2 weeks.

Baltimore International Airport and Baltimore Museum of Art

Home for The Holidays Onsite Filming Baltimore Intl Airport

Home for the Holidays Onsite Filming Baltimore Museum of Art


This 1988 film premiered just in time for Thanksgiving. It tells the classic “A Christmas Carol” story with a modern twist and a cup filled to the brim with comedy.

While there aren’t any real homes used in the movie, there are some prime corporate real estate locations in NYC used as on-site filming locations.

Scrooged Onsite Film Locations  Seagrams Building

Scrooged Onsite Film Locations 45th Road and 23rd Street Long Island City

It’s A Wonderful Life:

The main house in the classic 1940s movie was a set constructed specifically for the film but the Martini House was an on-site filming location.

It's a Wonderful Life Onsite Filming Martini House

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Can Messy Homes Still Be Functional?

Messy Home Sign

We’ve all been there. You know, the place where you visit someone and their home is so clean that a dozen thoughts run through your mind before you even sit down. Thoughts like: “Well her children are grown, I bet it wasn’t always like this” or “What does she do? Hire a professional team to deep clean EVERYTHING every day” or “I don’t even always have time to fill the dishwasher at night, much less keep the curtains from gathering dust.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying having a clean house is bad or unimportant. If you’re the type of person who keeps their home as neat as a pin and pride yourself on being able to eat off your floors without worry, then I am impressed. I applaud you and admire your skill and hard work!

I’m wondering though, if a messy home really tells us about the functionality of a household? I’m not talking about dirt, germs, or homes where the dust or mold is so thick it’s dangerous. I’m talking about mess: like when kids were playing with playdough and it didn’t all get cleaned up or the coffee table has too many magazines or you’re never ahead with the laundry and it’s always in piles. Does mess really make us less able to function?

Children's toys sure can make a mess. At least they're having fun!

A little bit of mess never hurt anyone

Maybe you’re the type of person that doesn’t deal well with organized chaos. Maybe you need things to be neat, orderly, and clean. But I’ve found that it’s not the mess that makes a house functional, it’s the people. Sometimes messy can still work.

Messy Desk but still working!

Messy Bedroom

What do you think? Tell us about your experiences balancing the messy, cluttered, lived in look with organization. We’d love to hear your opinion!

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