Top Tips for Childproofing Your Home

With summer around the corner, your children will be out of school and probably spending more time at home. To make sure your home is a safe environment, childproofing is essential. Here is a list of a few safety precautions.

Physical Safety

  1. Keep breakable items away from children. Items made of glass or ceramic should be kept out of reach to prevent any injuries. You can also switch to using rubber instead of breakable materials.
  2. Use playpens. To make sure young children are not running into items or getting hurt around the house, playpens are very useful. They are also often portable in case the child is visiting a neighbor or friend.
  3. Use safety gates and fences. Keeping children away from accidents, safety gates can be placed in front of stairways. If you have a pool, you may also use pool fences to prevent children from accidently falling into the pool.
  4. Cover furniture edges and other sharp corners. If your children like to run around, it is highly advisable to cover sharp edges to keep them from getting hurt.

Medical Safety

  1. Keep medicine out of reach. To do so, you can use child-proof caps or store the medicine in higher cabinets and shelves.
  2. Make sure household chemicals are stored away. Like medicine, household chemicals should be placed in locked cabinets and shelves or in places that children cannot reach.                                  

Fire and Electrical Safety

  1. Block access to electrical outlets. Inserting objects into electrical outlets is a risk for electrocution and serious injury. To prevent these accidents, you can use sliding outlet covers or plastic units.
  2. Install smoke alarms in every room. You should also check them monthly to make sure they are working.
  3. Create an evacuation plan. In case a fire breaks out, you should run through an evacuation plan with your child and remind them of the dangers of fire.

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