Graduation Party Clean-Up

Now that it’s June, it’s time for graduation parties! Everyone loves a good party – the food, the decor, the laughs. When the graduation party is over and it’s time to cleanup, use these four simple steps to effectively clean your home.


1. Pre-party Preparation

Before the party starts, make sure your home is prepared for it! Set out coasters, have paper towels on hand, and provide plenty of trash and recycling bins. Taking time to prevent messes now will save you time later.

2. Pick up

Once the party is over you should grab a trash bag and pick up any rubbish littering your kitchen, living room, and backyard. Clearing out cups and plates first will allow you to get to the grime on furniture, walls, and floors.

 3. Wipe up

The next step is to wipe down surfaces that may have gotten dirty during the party. Use Windex on your windows and mirrors, an all purpose cleaner on your walls, and soap on your tables.

 4. Vacuum and Sweep

Now that you’ve tackled the walls and furniture in your home, it’s time to turn your attention to the floor. Be sure to use a stain remover for any spills on your carpet. Then, you can vacuum your rugs and sweep or mop your floors to remove the final party debris.


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