2 Backyard Must-Haves for the Summer

As the weather gets warmer, we all begin spending more time outdoors. A backyard is the perfect place to relax in the evenings and entertain on the weekends. Here are two functional ideas for a well-decorated yard this summer.

Awesome Backyard Patio Ideas 2013

1. Hammock

A hammock is a comfortable alternative to traditional seating. Placed in the shade, it can be an excellent tool for relaxation on those hot July days. For porches, you can even buy swinging hammocks that are suspended from a ceiling and will not succumb to the same weathering as an outdoor one.

Summertime and living are easy . . . especially when it's spent relaxing in your Bliss Hammock ($130). It's made of weather-resistant, soft, interwoven, colorfast Olefin weave strap and has a spreader bar made of weather-resistant hardwood with a marine finish.<br /><br />

2. Portable Tables

When entertaining guests or finding the perfect spot in the yard to sit, you’ll want to have a table to hold your drink. A portable table is functional furniture that is easy to assemble on the spot and fold back up when the picnics are over. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you’ll want to find one that fits in your yard and can be stowed away easily when it begins to get colder.

For those of you who can't abide by picnics on the grass, this Sur la Table Folding Table ($45) folds into its own bag.<br /><br />

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