Organizing a Workbench for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day is approaching we will all be looking for the perfect gift to get Dad. Rather than spending exorbitant amounts of money, do something personal! The following is a step-by-step guide to organizing a workbench – a homemade gift that is sure to wow.

1. Prepare

The first thing that you’ll want to do is survey the area that will become the new, perfectly organized workbench. If the father figure in your life does not already have one, you can simply find a table or other surface in a basement, garage, or shed. Of course, there is always the option to buy a workbench as well. With whatever option you choose, clean the area and establish what materials you will need.

2. Gather Supplies

Does Dad need more bins and containers to hold nails and screws? Or perhaps a hanging system that hammers and wrenches can be mounted on? Take a look around your garage to find some extra boxes and storage bins that can be used for underneath the workbench. You can visit your local hardware store to purchase additional storage items, such as a panel system that can help keep larger items out of the way.

 3. Sort

Once you have the supplies that you will need to successfully organize the workbench, get to it! It can sometimes be helpful to make a game plan before you begin, or you can dive right in and work in your own style. One good method is to remove everything that Dad already has in an area, install any organizers that you purchased or found around your house, and then begin putting all of his tools into their new homes.

4. Throw Away Unwanted Items

Once you’ve finished organizing those screw drivers and pliers, look at the leftover items that don’t seem to fit. If Dad has hundreds of rubber bands and broken paintbrushes, think about downsizing and throwing some unwanted supplies away. Just make sure not to throw anything away that may be expensive or have personal value without Dad’s permission!

Organize Your Messy Workbench with These 10 Tricks

Voila! With some time and effort, the end result of your hard work should be a masterpiece that any father figure will love.

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