Decorating for an Outdoor Graduation Party

Graduation is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated with friends and family. Whether it is elementary school or college, holding a gathering can create a memory for you or your children. Decorating for a graduation party is simple and fun! If the weather is nice outside, bringing the party outdoors can give you the chance to invite more guests. Here are a few tips on how to decorate outdoors:

  1. Use school letters or colors leading into the party. If your guests enter from the driveway, you can think about attaching school letters or congratulatory messages to sticks and placing them on your lawn to welcome your guests. Guests will not only know exactly where to go to reach the party, but they will also be reminded of the graduate’s future school.
  2. Place pictures of the graduate throughout the party area. On tables, walls, fences, and any other places you can think of, you can print out pictures of the graduate and create a collage. Otherwise, you can also form a timeline by printing out pictures of the graduate from birth to their current age, celebrating how far they have come.
  3. Add tablecloth to the tables. To prevent any damages or stains, adding tablecloth can also remind guests of the party theme. Another idea is to use a colored tablecloth and then place another clear tablecloth on top of it. In between, you can place pictures of the graduate to avoid damaging the photos.
  4. Add centerpieces to your tables. Other than keeping with the theme, centerpieces can also make your tables seem more complete. One idea is incorporate graduation caps into your centerpieces.
  5. Use tableweights. In case the wind blows away the tablecloths, you can use tableweights. Adding a graduation theme to the tableweights can relate everything back to the party theme.
  6. Create a large banner. The banner could include the graduate’s full name or their future school or plans. Also, the banner could include congratulatory messages.
  7. Use balloons. Balloons can add extra color to the party. Tying balloons to different areas of the party, you can also define an area.
  8. Create a gift table. Although optional, guests may be bringing gifts for the graduate to the party. Having a sign-in book on the table, your graduate will know who came to the party and who to send thank-you notes to. You can also leave a basket for any cards to prevent them from being carried away by the wind. 

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