Tips for Making a Safe and Convenient Home for Your Toddler

Toddlers need a whole lot of supervision all the time. Some toddlers’ favorite thing to do is cry, especially when it’s an inconvenience for them to get their way. Some toddlers are always getting hurt and most toddlers always make a big mess. Here are some tips to help parents prevent minor injuries and make things easier for their adventurous toddlers around the house.

Tip 1:Using a step stool for hard to reach places

When toddlers have to wash their hands after using the potty someone usually has to help lift them up to reach the sink or you will find them trying to do it themselves climbing up on the sink with their feet dangling holding themselves up with their arms. With the step stool this makes it easy for the toddler to pick up and place right where they need it. The step stool becomes a convenient tool for both the parent and the toddler because now the parent can just sit and listen for the water to turn off after 60 seconds. Getting a step stool for your toddler is very convenient for the toddler’s needs. Perhaps there are crackers on the second shelf in the pantry and Mom is sorting laundry so she gives the toddler permission to get the crackers themselves the step stool is always accessible and light enough to lift around the house.

Tip 2: Placing edibles in the refrigerator for easy access

Some days parents want to relax with their toddlers so they lie across the couch and put on a family movie, in the middle of the movie your toddler gets thirsty but the parent is too comfortable to get up, they could send the kid to pour their own juice but I believe that’s asking for a mess to happen. An easy problem solver for this would be to purchase small milks and juices, Capri Sun juices; bottles of water, fruit pouches, lunchables and fruits like plums and easy peel oranges. Put them in easy to reach places inside the refrigerator like the bottom drawers or on the door of the fridge on the bottom shelves. Then when the little one wants a snack it will be easy for them to grab and get back to their activities.

Tip 3: Bathmats for stability

More than 43,000 children are injured in slips and falls in bathtubs each year in the United States according to the report published in the July 13 online edition of Pediatrics. There’s one very easy way to prevent bathtub injuries, place a bath mat in the tub to sustain the child’s stability as he/she stands during and after their bath. There’s a variety of styles and colors, so finding one that interest’s your child shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Tip 4: Kid-friendly utensils

Dinner time for toddlers seems to always be a challenge. It’s guaranteed to be messy, but we also want to make sure the children are safe. This is where kid friendly eating utensils are effective. The sharpless forks and the small serving spoons are simply safer for toddlers. The sharpless edges prevent toddlers from scaring mouth tissues, which always seems to be a concern. The small serving spoon puts the risk of them choking down. Also, most toddler eating utensils have grip assist and happens to be dishwasher friendly.

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