Why Are People Moving to Austin?

Austin, Texas is currently the fast growing city in the US. Just how many people are moving to Austin? Roughly 110 people each day! Here are the numbers behind Austin’s popularity.


Austin’s population growth since WWII


Austin is currently the number one US city for job creation. In fact, the city has more jobs now than before the recession! This impressive feat is due to Austin’s variety of careers in areas like technology, government, and at the University of Texas. With all these jobs, it’s no wonder that Austin has an unemployment rate of 5.4%, well below the national average.


Low Cost of Living

In 2012, Austin was ranked as the fifth most affordable city in America. The cost of living in Austin is lower than most national cities, but it is still more expensive than Dallas or Houston.  Overall, necessities like utilities, gas, and food are lower in cost.

Real Estate

Homes in Austin are typically more expensive than in other Texan cities, but still lower than the national average. And with a lower cost of living, you’re money will go farther when it comes to real estate. The median house price in Austin is $294,000 which could get you a three bedroom, two bath home like the one below!



Texas is often referred to as a ‘business-friendly state’. It has fewer regulations and lower taxes than other states, encouraging businesses to thrive. As a liberal city, Austin boasts a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere for creative types like writers, musicians, artists, designers, and filmmakers.

In case you haven’t been convinced yet, here are some additional statistics on why Austin, Texas is the place to be:

Ranked the 4th healthiest American city for women, and the 6th healthiest for men out of 100 cities

Ranked 6th on the list of lowest crime rate for cities with a population over 500,000

Ranked 2nd on Trip Advisor’s ‘Top 15 Destinations on the Rise’ for 2012

Ranked 8th on MarketWatch’s ‘Best Cities for Business’ out of 102 metro areas


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