Adding a Rock Garden to Your Home

It’s springtime! It’s a time for planting flowers, plants and vegetables. But what if you don’t exactly have a green thumb? A rock garden could be a great solution to your landscaping needs!

Rock gardens, also called zen gardens, come from Japan. Classical zen gardens were built in Buddhist temples around the time of the Renaissance, though they have origins going back hundreds of years before. The gardens and formations were meant to represent the essence, not the physical appearance, of nature. Throughout history and up to the present day, they have given people a sense of calm and have been a great aide in meditation.

Rocks gardens can be just about any size, from a small box on your desk, to a section of your backyard, to acres wide. And the best part: for those of us without that green thumb, zen gardens are relatively low maintenance.

Step One: Clear out the vegetation

A low maintenance garden will some become a high maintenance one if little green blades of grass start sticking up through the pebbles. Dig up any grass, weeds and other unwanted vegetation that could get in the way. Feel free to border your garden with plants or to keep some small plants in the middle. After you’ve cleared out the area, lay down a weed mat. This will help keep your rocks clean.

Step Two: Get the rocks

Once you’ve cleared the area, fill it in with rocks and pebbles. You can keep it simple and just use small pebbles, or you can add larger rocks and vegetation to make more of an accent.

Step Three: Make it your own!

Now comes the fun part. Get a rake and start drawing lines and circles. Your zen garden should reflect your personality. If you’re more of the classic type, look up some pictures of traditional gardens to draw inspiration. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then let your creativity flow! The great thing about zen gardens is that they’re easily changed.


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