Incorporate Roman Architecture into Your Home

Many people want to incorporate Roman architecture into their homes for good reason. It has stood the test of time for thousands of years and can create an impressive image.

A little bit of history

The Roman Empire gained a lot of Greek architects and engineers when it conquered Greece. This greatly influenced Roman architecture and made it what we have all come to know and enjoy. This art was almost lost with the fall of the Roman Empire. However scholars during the Renaissance took an interest, and the grandeur of Roman architecture has been kept alive ever since.

Ways to bring ancient Rome to your home

1.) Columns

One of the best known and used ways to imitate Roman architecture is through the use of columns. The three most commonly used are doric, ionic and corinthian, which are actually of Greek origin. There are also the lesser known Tuscan order and composite order column, which shows clearly how the Romans were inspired by the Greeks.

From left to right the columns are: Tuscan order, Doric, ionic, Corinthian, composite order.

Pick a Tuscan or doric column for a more classic and simple look. Choose corinthian or composite for a showier and grander look. (Corinthian columns are very prominent in many government buildings.) If you want something in the middle, go for the ionic.

And if you really can’t decide, go for a combination, like this house in the Garden District in New Orleans. The history of the house goes that the original husband and wife couldn’t decide on which columns they should have. So they compromised and got Doric on the bottom and Corinthian on the top.


2.) Arches

Arches are a great way to add elegance to your home. Arches can be added either to the front of the house, or the back to make for a snug patio. Because arches tend to give your patio a covered feel, they are best used for when you have a large outdoor area to look over.

3.) Mosaics

Another method for giving your home a Roman or Greek feel is to add a mosaic. Mosaics can add a sense of art and creativity. You can go for a classic look and use somewhat muted colors to create a pastoral scene, or you can take a modern twist to the ancient art and use bright colors. It’s all up to you and what kind of feel you want.

4.) Gardens

Another way the Romans exuded elegance was through their gardens. Add a fountain to your backyard to recreate the calming effect that trickling water had back in the days of the Romans.

In this picture, you can see how arches, mosaics and the fountain were all utilized to create a picturesque garden.

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