Novelty Mailboxes

It’s Lawn and Garden Month! Hopefully you’re out and about sprucing up your yard. However if you don’t necessarily have the green thumb to landscape your yard, or if you’re just looking for a creative outlet, try a do-it-yourself novelty mailbox! A novelty mailbox is another way to show off your personality, and it can be a focal point for your front yard.

 Do-It-Yourself mailboxes can be quite simple. Sometimes all you need to do is paint the box the right color, and add the appropriate wooden or plastic fixtures.


Reduce and reuse! If you accidentally break a decorative plate, think about using it to decorate your mailbox:

 Or turn an old computer into artwork like this:

 Or you can get creative and use some old parts that are laying around.


Sometimes novelty mailboxes are not so much about the box itself, but rather the stand.


A novelty mailbox should reflect your personality. You can keep it quite simple and classic with a stencil…


…or you can get more elaborate and crazy.



If you get overwhelmed, you can always just let your kids decorate the box for you:



Whatever you do, make sure that it complies with government or neighborhood regulations. Choose a design that is big enough to hold a small package, and one that will hold up to the weather.

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