Natural Ways to Keep Your Mailbox Critter-Free

Opening the mailbox can reveal all sorts of fun surprises: a letter from Grandma, an invitation to a party or perhaps a birthday card. Unfortunately with the warmer weather coming, it could also reveal some uninvited guests. Wasps, bees and other critters can often be an unwelcome surprise, keeping you from reading Grandma’s letter. Here are a few ways to keeping your mailbox critter-free.


Birds are not the worst pest you could have, as they don’t sting or bite. However no one wants bird poop all over their nice mailbox. To keep the birds away, set up your bird feeders away from the mailbox. On the mailbox itself, place a little flag or pinwheel. The constant movement will confuse the birds and keep them away.



Ants seem to make it their duty to infiltrate your mailbox. To keep them away, first clear out any food particles or plant life that might be attracting them, and clean it out with some soap and paper towels. Then at the base of your mailbox add an insect barrier product such as Tanglefoot. This will make it harder for ants to climb up and enter your mailbox.



To deter the bees, keep your grass cut short and the flowers planted away from the mailbox. Cover your trash can lids, as any sweet liquids from soda cans and the like will attract bees for miles around. Then if possible, change your mailbox from a wooden one to a metal one, as carpenter bees can drill holes and build nests there.



Wasps are very territorial. Attach a fake wasp nest underneath your mailbox, out of people’s line of sight, and the wasps should stay away from the unfamiliar nest. Then, place a few dryer sheets in the mailbox. This will keep the wasps away and your mailbox smelling nice!


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