Spring is Here! Time to Attack the Dust in Your Home!

The weather has been so brutally cold this winter, so I think everyone is happy to see that spring is finally right around the corner!

That also means it is time for some more spring cleaning! Summertime is a common time for people to move to their rented summer homes. So, Landlords, you need to make sure that all your homes are being cleaned out.

Here is a quick list to make sure that you get all the levels of your home spick and span for you and your tenants!

1. Pre Clean

  • Pick up any leftover  clutter laying around the house
  • Wash and put away dishes if the are available
  • Clear and wipe any countertops in the kitchen

2. Top Zone

  • Dust or clean ceiling fans
  • Dust or wash light fixtures
  • Clean high windows
  • Change light bulbs & replace air filters

3. Middle-to-Top Zone (Eye Level)

  • Wash, iron, & re-hang curtains
  • Wash windows
  • Dust pictures, mirrors, clocks, & other wall hangings

4. Middle-to-Low Zone (Waist Level)

  • Polish wood furniture
  • Wash sheets & change bed linens
  • Scrub showers & bathtubs and clean toilets
  • Vacuum & spot clean upholstered furniture

5. Bottom Zone

  • Sweep hard floors
  • Vacuum rugs & carpets
  • Dust baseboards
  • Wash small area rugs

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