How To Organize Your Garage

Surveys show that only 30% of us use our garages for what they were meant for: our cars. As Americans we’ve gotten so used to putting everything in our garage that sometimes we forget that’s not what they were meant for. To help put your stuff in order, here are some tips for organizing your garage.

1.) Set aside a day or two. Depending on how cluttered your garage is, designate one or two days to be dedicated solely to your garage. Write it on the calendar, set alarms and tell your friends. Make it a priority.

2.) Enlist the help of your friends or family. Turn the day into a family day and get everyone to help out. It’ll go a lot faster and could make it a lot more fun.

3.) Assign three piles for your stuff: keep, sell or donate and throw away. Lay out tarps in the driveway and put your items according to their label on each tarp. A useful rule is: if you haven’t used something in the last three years, get rid of it. Donating items to your local charity is a great way to recycle and it’s often tax deductible.

4.) Relocate some items. Pet food and paper plates should go inside and away from bugs. Grills should be outside to keep your garage free of fumes. If you have a lawn mower and keep the gas in your garage, put a fire extinguisher nearby. You can never be too safe.

5.) Keep things off the ground as much as possible. Now that you have a smaller pile of stuff to put in your garage, try to keep things against the wall or in the corners as much as possible. Get a pegboard and hang up tennis rackets and tools. Put up some nails relocate bikes and ladders to the wall. Get open shelves to put against the wall where you can store plastic storage bins, cans and jar. You’ll free up a lot of space for your car and be able to maneuver around your garage a lot easier.

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