Conserving Water

In honor of Water Conservation Day, here are some tips and tricks for conserving water around your house.

1.) If your shower fills up a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, replace the shower-head with an energy-efficient one.

2.) When should you water your lawn? If you walk across the lawn and leave footprints in your wake, it’s time to water.


3.) Cook food in as little water as possible. This will save water and retain more nutrients.

4.) If you drop ice on the floor, don’t throw it in the sink. Use it to water the plants.


5.) Don’t run the water in your sink waiting for hot water. Get an induction burner or a water heater to heat up water quickly. It will save you time and energy!

6.) Learn how to turn off your automatic watering systems in case of rain.

7.) Use a rain barrel to collect water from your gutters. Learn how here:

8.) Leave lower branches on trees and allow fallen leaves to cover the soil. The leaves will prevent a lot of evaporation.

9.) Limit your use of the garbage disposal. Instead, get a composite bin for your vegetable waste. You’ll save gallons of water!







10.) Scrape your dishes instead of rinsing them before washing. (*Tip* Try not to waste food! Eat what you can and compost what you can before scrapping.)






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