It’s Never Too Late To Say Happy St. Patricks Day!

Fun Facts about Ireland’s Real Estate:

1) “Gazumphing” is the popular term for a nasty real estate practice in Ireland. Some Irish real estate agents or property owners have taken advantage of a soaring market by accepting a bid from one buyer, and then taking a higher bid while contracts are being processed.

Gazumped! If buying, make clear that you are keen to exchange fast once your solicitor has done the surveys

2) The Irish property market extended its recent gains in September, with residential property prices rising 1.8% month-on-month (mom) and 3.6% year-on-year (yoy). This was the fastest annual growth rate since September 2007

3) Latest data suggested that construction firms expect growth of activity to continue during 2014. Sentiment was the highest in the survey’s history, with improving economic conditionsthe main driver of optimism.

4) Budget 2014 of the new Home Renovation Tax Incentive Scheme, Bank of Ireland announced today  that it has launched a new €75m fund to support homeowners seeking to make improvements to their home.

Gavin Kelly, director Consumer Banking, Bank of Ireland, said “We welcome the Home Renovation Tax Incentive Scheme and believe it will support economic growth and employment in the Irish construction sector in the coming years.

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