Through The Window

What do you see when you look outside of your window? What’s in the air that your breathing?

Rising temperatures can make smog pollution worse and increase the number of “bad air days” when it’s hard to breathe. This puts many of us at risk for irritated eyes, noses, and lungs — but it is particularly dangerous for people with respiratory diseases. As the climate changes, unhealthy air pollution will get worse.

Communities must take steps to improve air quality, but everyone should know the risks that climate change poses and learn how to best protect themselves when bad air days get worse.

  • More than 90% of the population already lives in areas that violate state air quality standards
  • 8 counties also saw record-breaking nighttime temperatures.
  • 37 counties have ragweed pollution and 23 counties have unhealthy smog levels; at least 17 counties suffer from both

How Bad is London’s Smog

Ozone smog forms when pollution from vehicles, factories, and other sources reacts with sunlight and heat. Increasing temperatures speed this process and result in more smog.

Added to the mix are ragweed and other allergens in the air — which are expected to worsen as rising carbon dioxide levels cause plants to produce more pollen. Also, as dry areas get dryer, wildfire risks go up and smoke from burning landscapes intensifies poor air quality.

Help keep your lungs clean by taking care of your air! You can:

  • Recycle, reuse, reduce
  • Don’t waste food, compost
  • Limit how much you drive
  • Don’t waste resources
  • Dispose of waste properly 


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