RV’s & Caravans of the Future

The following campers, RVs and caravans illustrate the type of awesome innovations for mobile living we can plan on for the future. Some are here now, while others are still in the developing process, but it all comes from the same theory to make mobile living, whether short term or long, a more comfortable experience.

Eco Retro

This camper-van as been redesigned to bring it even more environmental street-cred. This camper vehicle will have solar panels to power its on board accessories. And the computer and GPS-system inside will position the panels to maximize their solar-intake. You should expect to pay around $69,000USD.


Caravan Garden

“Living in a giant city, I often really miss sitting amongst flowers and bushes and greenery. Living in a concrete jungle can get to you sometimes, and it would be nice to have a personal oasis to relax in once and a while. Enter the Caravan Garden” – Adam Frucci, Sci Fi Blog

Caravan Garden

Chic Modern Camper

It’s slick, trendy and in style. The classic brown camper with a tan canvas may not be suitable for everyone, so a new must-have for any camping enthusiast, and it’s affordable too!

Chic Modern Campers

BMW’s Air Camper

BMW’s Air Camper is an inflatable tent attached to the back end of the car. Simply attach it to the rear of your car and your sleeping quarters automatically set itself up. Two fans, powered by the car’s cigarette lighter, make the camping experience easy and simple. It is big enough to fit two people, so you won’t have to spend a night in the woods alone.

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