Happy Read Across America Day!

In honor of Dr. Suess’s Birthday, today is Read Across America Day.

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist. He was most widely known for his children’s books written and illustrated as Dr. Seuss. There are two main reasons Read Across America Day was created:

1. Dr. Seuss loves children’s books, and what better idea to dedicate a day of reading on his birthday.

2. According to NCES2, only 53 percent of children ages three to five were read to daily by a family member.

Maybe if you had a space created for you and your children at home, it would be a reminder how important reading is. Not only will it create fond memories, but it is also stimulating your kids brains and improving their vocabulary.

Here are some ideas and DIY projects to create a special space for you and your kids:

Use Bookends as Floating Bookshelves

Create a book shelf that your child can reach!























Have some books available in your house. There are sales at various stores and libraries where books from $0.50 to $5.00. Garage sales and hand-me-downs are another great spot to look.

Create a designated spot with your chid. Either in the child’s room or in the living room. Having a spot will help keep the child’s mind focused and be a reminder to take the time to read with your kids.



If a rug seems like too much, find a fun light fixture that you can read by. A well lit room goes great with reading.




Lastly, make your kid familiar with the local library. This should be a positive and fun trip for you and your kids.


2 U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, from http://www.nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id+56.

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