The Best Times To Sell Your Home

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According to this Forbes article, there are 5 opportune times to list (or not) a home to get it viewed by the most buyers:

1. When the weather is good for viewing
When people can actually stroll outside comfortably. That means when it’s not rainy season in the South (during the summer), or in the Midwest and Northeast (during the spring). And when it’s not winter in any area.

2. When the kids are not in school
That means during summer break. Many families with school-aged children like to house hunt when the moving process is least disruptive for their children, so houses located nearby schools may have better prospects of selling during these times.

3. NOT during the holidays
When the kids are at home, many home buyers prefer to enjoy their company and that of other family member to viewing homes. This fact coupled with wintery weather during these months makes December and November the slowest times for home searches nationwide.

4.  Right after taxes are due
According to the article, mortgage interest deductions motivate buyers to search for homes right after paying their tax bills, to avoid paying the same amount the next year. Young professionals fresh out of college also seek to avoid larger tax bills by searching for homes between graduation day and the end of the tax season.

5.  Around New Year’s Day
New Year’s resolutions tend to include buying a home. Those looking to develop a relationship with a loved one, or improve family life, or relocate for career or any varieties of reasons may resolve to buy a new home near the beginning of the year.

List  your home when buyers are looking to get a better deal!

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