Keeping It Green With Pets

The fact of the matter is that pets leave a substantially larger environmental footprint than most would imagine. One of the biggest problems is the waste that they create. People, including I, are suckers for our furry, cuddly pets! While they’re great, there is no reason pets should be leaving such a negative impact on the environment if we can do something about it.

“The country’s 73 million dogs produce about 10 million tons of poo each year, while our 90 million cats cause about two million tons of cat litter to wind up in landfills. Add to that all the discarded plastic toys, the packaging for dog treats and food..” (Brite)

A)   Clean Up Their Poop!

Picking up your dog’s poop doesn’t have to be hazardous for the environment. You can use biodegradable bags or reuse plastic bags from your local grocery store. While this is a great last minute resort, you should aim for buying bio degradable bags. As for picking up cat litter, you should avoid clumping clay litter at all costs. The clay is bad for the cat’s lungs as well as being strip-mined which is bad for the planet.

B) Choose “Green” Pet Toys

Pet owners should think about the earth and the environment before choosing a pet toy. Pet toys are often made with plastic, mylar, and similar substances that do not break down easily when thrown out. Instead, keep a rotation of biodegradable toys to keep your pets entertained. Also, you can reuse things around your home as well. Find some knotted rope you no longer need from a tire swing for dogs or a closed medication bottle for cats. This will reduce the amount of waste they’re causing. Check out for great toys!

C) Use Eco Friendly Cleaner

Earth friendly cleaning solutions are offered for the variety of messes pets make! all of which are made with plant-based essential oils. The company sells dander remover, pet wipes, laundry detergent (specially designed for those with pets), aviary cage cleaner, kitty litter treatment, and general pet stain and odor remover, as well as skunk odor remover. 


D) Use A Sustainable Dog House 

It can be difficult to find a dog house that is both eco-friendly and affordable at the same time. However the option can be available. Construct it with  leftover wood chips and scraps that would otherwise have been wasted and/or scraps of aluminum  for the frame. Also, adding plants on the roof will balance the plants your pet is eating. There are many DIY projects to make this affordable and sustainable.

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