Unique Ways To Increase Space In Your Home

Most homeowners are wasting space, and they don’t even know it!  The space next to the stove and even inside your walls, are great for storage you just need a little creativity.

Closet Door Storage

Great for storing shoes, purses and other accessories!  Even add hooks to the shelves for jewelry.  Door storage is also great for your pantry!

Not great with building things?  That’s okay, try buying premade shelves!

Book rack holder shelf low profile wall mount 20 inches long pine/pg for kids books

Sliding Pantry Storage

Closet roll out shelving. What a useful, inexpensive idea...

Most of us are not blessed with huge walk-in pantries, a wire shelving rack on wheels is a great way to use every inch of your pantry!

Sliding Spice Rack

Many kitchens have wasted space next to the stove, so why not utilize that space by building a sliding spice rack?

Modern  Cabinet Pull out Spice Rack

Between the Studs Shelving

between-wall-stud shelving

Built-in shelving between the studs is a great way to utilize that wasted space in your walls.  Dress it up with molding and you have a great area to display pictures or store small items!

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