Wood Pallet Housing

Wood Pallet housing has recently been common in competitions for alternative housing.

To make a 10 by 20 foot home, you will need 80 pallets and this costs around $500. There are 700 million wood pallets produced each year in the United States and 150 million end up in landfills. So not only would building houses out of wood pallets be good for the environment, it would be recycling products that would otherwise be in the landfill. Since there are so many available pallets and they are easy to transfer, it is possible for many of these houses to be built.

These wood pallet houses would produce natural ventilation by filtering the air as well as natural shade. These houses are fully functional. They can be constructed very easily and quickly. Minimal work is needed and minimal help.

These houses are built by nailing and/or strapping the pallets together. Then the builders will put tarpaulin, heavy-duty waterproof cloth over the pallets to prevent water from coming in. The spaces in the wood can be filled with stone, mud, metal, or other forms of wood. Styrofoam can also be used to keep the building strong and safe, especially against harsher weather.

Not only are the wood-pallet homes green and convenient but they are beautiful. Not to mention you can make the features and furniture in the house out of the pallets.

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