10 Ways To Set the Mood

1.Decide what mood you’re going for.

As always, start with the end in mind and know what you want. This will make decisions easier, as well as allow you to pick exactly what you want.

2.Learn how colors affect your mood.

Colors definitely affect moods. Especially in a house, the colors of the walls can be inviting, uncomfortable, cause aggression, or cause happiness.


3.Use colors that enhance the mood you’re going for.

If you’re going for a happy feel in the room, choose a yellow or orange color. If you want more of a serious color, choose a purple or red.

4.Compare to your furniture.

Make sure the color matches the furniture but also remember to match to the style of the furniture.

5.Take notes on how the natural lighting of the room effects the color.

Use test colors and test lighting to be sure that the lighting in the room makes the colors stand out the way you want them too.

6.Reduce clutter in the room, make it more spacious.

Along with making the room look bigger, removing clutter will allow colors to stand out more and have more of an effect on those in the room.

7.Look for art and decorations to compliment the color you choose.

Choose decorations and art work to add to the mood you’re going for, as well as choosing ones that make your original color stand out.


8.Replace the flooring to complete the look.

The flooring will effect lighting, color, and overall mood. Choose  flooring that match your walls. Floors could throw off the whole balance if not chosen wisely.

9.Use color bulbs or dimmers. As well as shades.

Lighting can have a large effect on the dullness or brightness of colors. While it is important to consider how natural light affects your colors, and in turn your mood, lighting can be easily controlled with these devices.

10.Use plants to refresh the room and add fresh air.

Plants add a natural look to any room. They bring along positive and freeing emotions.

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Resources: http://www.wikihow.com/Set-Mood-in-Your-Room


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