How To Install A Rain Barrel

Rain barrel

A rain barrel is a  great way to conserve water and help the environment. Rain water can be used to water the lawn and plants, wash the car and pets, and rinse off muddy tools and shoes, as well as to reduce the amount of storm runoff that carries harmful pollutants to nearby bodies of water.

ideal rain barrel

To install a rain barrel, locate a gutter downspout on your house or garage. If you are using the rain barrel for gardening, choose  one close to the plants you water most.

Rain barrel

Elevate the barrel, (i.e. with bricks or cinder blocks), to increase water pressure when watering, and make it easier to use the bottom spigot when filling containers.


Use a hacksaw to modify the height of the downspout to about 12 inches above the elevated rain barrel. Connect a downspout diverter to the end of the downspout, and divert it to the opening in the top of the rain barrel.
*Save the cut piece for the winter, when you should store the rain barrel and re-install it.

cut spout

Attach the 15′ hose to the upper spigot on your rain barrel, and leave it open. Trail the hose to your lawn or garden to divert overflow away from your home.

upper spigot

Attach a garden hose or soaker hose to the lower spigot if you are using the rain barrel for gardening, and close it unit you are ready to water your garden.

lower spout

Then enjoy the fact that you are both conserving water and helping the environment!

Need a rain barrel? Visit this site for a list of suppliers and more.

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