Virtual Listings

Listings sell faster if the buyer can envision themselves living in the home. It’s important to let the buyer dream a little with your listing. You want people feel like they belong in the listed house. Studies have shown staged homes sell 78% faster.

This sounds great, except maybe the house is new and there is no furniture. Or the house is old and you don’t want to advertise your great grandma’s stained couch.

Then virtual listings is perfect for you. It’s a way to virtually decorate the home so the buyer can envision themselves living in the listed house! Maybe show the upstairs bedroom to advertise for the new generation, a little more pop, as well as for the traditional buyer using cooler colors.

Obeo Vstager is a great tool to use. The program will help you and your buyers visualize what a home should feel and look like.  [The link will be provided below]

With that being said, have some fun with the pictures of your listed house! The house will sell much faster and you will overall be happier.


Obeo Vstager:

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