Keeping Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

There are many ways to save you money, reduce waste, increase recycling and keep your kitchen tidy by only making a few adjustments.

Here are just some ways that will help make your kitchen eco-friendly!

Keep your fridge organized-

This will save you from running to the store for an item you already have but can’t find. Also when your fridge is kept tidy, you will limit the amount of times you need to open it. Therefore, this will keep your fridge colder reducing the amount of energy used to adjust the temperature. Also, keeping a grocery list on your fridge will help you know if you are out of something without opening the door.

Consider buying in bulk- 

If you have a family larger than four, it will be easier to buy in bulk. You will not only save on trips to go to the store, but you will be wasting less plastic packaging too. And if you are worried about food going bad, there are ways to help delay food from growing mold.

 -Freeze your herbs in olive oil in ice cube trays

 -Keep your bread in the freezer

 -Store apples with potatoes to keep them from        sprouting

 -Wrap lettuce in tin foil to keep it crisp longer

 -Keep mushrooms in paper bags, not plastic

Make enough for left overs-

It takes more effort and energy to make a meal initially compared to  reheating a meal. Also, make sure to use reusable glass tupperware. This will save you money from having to continuously buy containers, but also glass is microwavable and environmentally friendly. In addition, it’s nice to have pre made meals once in a while. Likewise, you will get delivery less often which costs more money and usually the boxing or plastic bags can’t be recycled.

Reuse your plastic bags- 

Every time people go to the grocery store they come home with plastic garbage bags just get thrown away in the garbage. There is too much plastic being sent to the dumps already. To help this cause, simply place your bags back in the car as soon as you put the groceries away. This is saving the environment, but also your wallet. Several stores such as Trader Joe’s will give you money back when you bring your own bags. 


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