2 Unconventional Ways To Sell Your Home

Having open houses, showings after showings, and then waiting for an offer can be a long, dreadful process. Avoid that process with these unconventional ways to sell your home.

1. Sell your home at an auction.

Whether it is online or not, auctions omit open houses and showings. You set the day when the auction will end so you no longer have to wait and wait for an offer. If you need to sell your home quickly, an auction is one of the quickest ways to get your home sold.

2. Selling your home to buy a new one? Skip the selling and house hunting process by swapping your home with another home seller/buyer.

The idea of house swapping is no longer only for vacation homes. There are many sites, like goswap.org, where you can swap property ranging from vehicles to permanent homes, listings for house swaps can even be found on craigslist.org. The process is like that of a traditional sale; the only difference is you are selling your home and purchasing a new one on the same day. If you are swapping your home for one with a lower market value, the other party will pay the difference. For example, your house is worth $300,000 and you are swapping for a house that is worth $200,000, the other party is to pay you $100,000.


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