How To Build A Pallet House

About 40% of all lumber harvested in the U.S. is for making pallets, and more than half of pallets are only used once before ending up in landfills.  

Many stores are more than happy to give you their old pallets and it only requires basic hand tools to assemble, so making a pallet house is an inexpensive way to build your next house or cabin.

If you have access to power tools, 4 or 5 people to help you and about 100 pallets, you can build a 250 square foot pallet house in less than 1 week!

You can either choose to have an earth floor (dirt) or use pallets with a plywood sub floor.  Pallets are than stacked on top of each other to create the walls, it is important to stagger the pallets by cutting them in half to avoid a long weak seam in the wall (for a stronger construction, bolts can be used along with nails or screws).  Make sure one wall of the structure is taller than the other (this will make sense when you build the roof).   Don’t forget to add any windows or doors by using a reciprocating saw or a hand saw.

Your next step is to assemble a roof.  Having a wall taller than the other will allow the roof to be slanted so rain or snow can slide off to avoid any water damage or damage from the weight of the snow.

Insulation is the last step to building your pallet house.  You can use any weather resistant material to cover the inside and outside of the walls, but plywood is recommended.  Adding insulation into the walls will help keep your pallet house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer.

Blueprints for pallet houses can be found online free of charge or at


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