5 Ways To Not Sell Your Home

Is your house up for sale?  Would you do anything to make sure it does not sell?  If you said yes to both of these questions then follow the steps below to make sure your house never sells.

1. Have a stinky home

How to sell a stinky house

Nothing is more off-putting to potential buyers than a smelly home.  To ensure a strong odor, do not empty the garbage, keep dirty clothes in their baskets and make sure to not clean the litter box.

2. Don’t do your dishes

Potential buyers will see your dirty dishes and think you are a slob and that you probably have not taken good care of the home.

3. Don’t bother with the landscape

tall-grass-house.JPGThe curb appeal is your home’s first impression to buyers, leaving it ungroomed will turn buyers away quickly, some may not even enter the home.  An unattractive yard will say to potential buyers “this house needs work.”

4. Leave all your photos out for the buyer to see

I love the look of this display which is haphazard and organized and dramatic at the same time!

Nothing will make it harder for the potential buyer to picture themselves in the home then to see all of your personal photos on the walls.  You should also leave your magazines and books laying out for buyers to see.

5. Greet the buyers at the door


Staying home for the showing will make the potential buyers so uncomfortable that they won’t even consider buying your home.  Same goes for your dog; by not crating your dog or taking them with you when you leave for the showing will distract the potential buyer from looking at your home.

But if you are like most sellers and want to sell your home as quickly as possible, make sure to do the opposite of the steps above.


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