Moving In The Winter

Moving in the winter can be very intimidating, especially around the holidays! Although, according to US News, it is the best time to shop for houses and apartments. The reason is because moving in the winter is not ideal, so landlords and home owners lower their prices to attract offers. It seems like a hassle to move then, but it surely doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make the moving process quick and easy!

Shovel and salt your driveways

You want to make sure you or your movers have a clean path when carrying heavy boxes or furniture.  If you are worried about the salt damaging or staining your carpet, Safe Paw™ is known to be safe on carpets, children, plants, and pets.

Have your boxes in one place

Moving is easiest if you have your boxes piled up in one room. This will also reduce tracking snow all over the house. This too will save you plastic if you lay it down to protect your items. Also, it will keep you and your movers organized so nothing gets left behind.

Watch the door 

If you are moving by yourself turn your heat down and bundle up. With all the traffic going back and forth it will be easier to not have to keep opening a door. If you have kids, this could be a great job for them to help out.

Keep hot drinks ready

Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring movers, make sure you have hot liquids available. Hot chocolate, tea and coffee will be most welcomed by everyone who’s helping with your move.

Check your new home

Make sure you new home has a working furnace and lights. Double checking on the moving day will limit the unwanted surprises. If they are not working, make sure you have a backup plan available and ready.



Winter Moving-What You Need To Know-Boston – YouTube

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