10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Larger

1. Adding a window

I'm not sure how I feel about sequined bedding, but it looks pretty....

A window will help your room feel more spacious, and the additional lighting will make it look larger.


2. Painting the walls brighter

orange childs bedroom

Bright colors lighten up the room to make it seem larger.


3. Adding a mirror

expand the small room with frameless mirror doors on the closets

A mirror will create the illusion that your room has more space than it really does.


4. Adding a mural

Great design for making a small bedroom look big

A mural can create the illusion of additional depth to your room.


 5. Adding built-in shelves

Use Shelves To Organizing Small Bedroom... If you don't have floor space, use your walls.

Place shelves into the wall to add more storage without using your room’s space.


6. Painting the ceiling white

built in book bliss

A white ceiling will contrast with brightly colored walls to make your room look taller.


7. Getting a loft bed

Mezzanine bed

Use the space beneath your bed for more storage like shelving, a dresser, or a desk.


8. Adding a bright-toned rug

bright colors

Like bright walls, bright rugs help to make the room look  lighter, and appear bigger.


9. Placing wall decor up high

How to Decorate Small Bedrooms I like this mirror headboard idea, but by bed is in front of the window

Wall decor placed near the ceiling make it  appear higher.


10. Adding artificial lighting

bedroom decor in nutral color palette with pink lamp shades

Lamps will help keep your room feeling bigger when night falls and your new window is less useful.


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