Green Homes Made of Steel Grain Bins

Along with straw bale homes, dome homes, and earth bag homes it is also possible to build a green home using steel. Homes made of steel save energy and resources while being very functional. Steel homes allow for extra space and functions you may not be able to do using other green materials. Steel also allows for changes in the house, for example, additions or garages.


The basic idea is to take a steel grain bin, and place another one almost the same size inside of it. Then insulate between the two. Most people insulate with foam, some use straw, and some use a combination of the two. This provides for strong, self-supporting walls, and highly performing insulation. Not only does steel have tremendous benefits but it requires little to no maintenance.

Many people truly admire this type of structure because it uses such little resources. Most of which, if not all is recycled. Many people with steel homes used old grain bins that are no longer used. If you can’t find already used bins you can buy new ones.

Steel may seem difficult to work with, but if you need a different size all you have to do it unbolt the steel where it is connected, move it, and re-bolt. Simple as that. Flooring is another concern for builders. Many people use concrete, some add rubber flooring on top of the concrete. It is also possible to create heated floors using the heat from underground, just another way that these steel homes conserve energy and save homeowners money.


Surprisingly, second floors are possible with steel housing. Doors and windows are not as difficult as you’d think. There are already specially made doors for grain bins, and windows can be installed in similar fashions. It is amazing how functional these homes can be.

Steel homes can handle all types of weather. They can be many sizes, depending on how many steel grain bins you have available to use. They’re transferable, and easy to handle. They are very functional, and can be used for anything from houses to offices.

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2 responses to “Green Homes Made of Steel Grain Bins”

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says :

    The homes are surprisingly appealing. I could live in this beautiful place!

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