Try Before You Buy A Home

A new trend in real estate is allowing buyers to test drive homes before they buy them.  Buying a home can be nerve racking; questioning whether or not you are buying the right house can completely ruin the house buying experience.

House Sitting- a Cheap Way to See the World

If you are seriously considering purchasing a specific home, realtors are encouraging you to try out the home to help with the decision making process.  Buyers are handed the keys and are able to experience a night in the home, or have the entire home to themselves for up to twelve hours.  This allows the buyer to explore the home without the pressure of a realtor following them.  Buyers are able to get a feel for the layout and notice little details that may not be apparent during a walkthrough of the home.

If you are purchasing a home and can’t decide whether a particular home is right for you, check to see if the “try it before you buy it” option is available, it may guide you to your final decision.  On the other hand, if you are selling a home consider allowing serious potential buyers to test out your property to help close the deal.


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