5 Things to Do Before Putting Your Home for Sale

Every homeowner who is preparing to sell the house is always hoping to sell the house as fast as possible. Therefore, in order to do that the homeowner has some responsibilities to do before the home is ready for an open house.

Inspect your home: Have an inspector inspect your house. This step will easily give you a sense of all important factors that needs to be fixed in the house. It will give you an idea of what to expect from potential buyers and inspectors. This step may not come easily to you but know that when you do it, it takes away the assumptions and gives one a clearer mind. It also gives a homeowner an advantage and speeds up the preparation process. Once you have noted those areas, it time to move on.

Cleanup Time! Get your check list out and start cleaning and clearing out what you have learnt from the inspector. Clear out your clutter within and outside the house to keep it neat and tidy. Store them in boxes and neatly arrange them out of site. Clean and fix other areas like the windows, the door, the basement and electrical and lighting systems. Trim your flowers and cut your grasses. This allows a homeowner to notice items that needs to be replaced and fixed.

Get Replacement Estimates! Do you have items that are broken, cracked or worn out? Find the cost of those items, compare prices to find a quality and affordable replacement or equipment to fix them.  In doing that you will know your estimations and cost of items to be replaced or fixed even if you are not doing them yourself. These estimations will help you in placing a price for your home and in negotiations. You are almost there.

Look for your Warranties! Gather the manuals, warranties and guarantees of equipment that will be left in the house for the next homeowner. The next buyer will want to know how to operate them and when it needs maintenance. Examples of those equipment are dryers, dishwashers, furnace, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Therefore, it is important to get all those materials together and ready to hand to over.


Finally, have an unbiased mind and inspect the house yourself. Assume you are a buyer, does the house look attractive from outside? Does it look neat and cleared from any unnecessary items? Are all the cracks and holes sealed at a glance? Does it smell nice? After all the questions are answered, remove all personal items from the house and your lovely home is ready for the market.

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