How To Build A Dome Home

Image: Monolithic Dome addition — This 36’ diameter dome adds needed space with little increase in overall energy costs.

Monolithic domes are cool because they have a unique design and offer superior protection from natural forces such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

This is one the reasons why monolithic domes are gaining popularity. As natural disasters are becoming more intense, homes that can resist destruction are becoming more appealing. Not to mention, monolithic domes are less expensive to heat and cool, and to build.

A monolithic dome is built by first creating an air bubble to serve as the dome’s frame.  The interior of the bubble is then sprayed with polyurethane foam. Then, it is lined with steel rebar. Finally, the exterior is sprayed over with concrete. The dome shape of the home coupled with its tough building materials help to give it extraordinary strength!

Image: Thousand Oaks Ranch — It’s a Monolithic Dome retreat center with a semi-elliptical shape, a 143-foot diameter and a 45-foot height in Barry, Texas.

Another type of dome, the Geodesic dome, is built by using geometric shapes to create a circular dome, much like a soccer ball’s design. The interior wall is then put over this frame, followed by the exterior.  These homes are less sturdy than monolithic ones because they are built with weaker materials. However, they are still appealing because of their intricate designs.

Image: Framework for a geodesic dome — David B. South built this near his home in Shelley, Idaho about 1970.




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