How To Build A Cob Home

A cob is a natural material made out of clay, sand and straw. In building houses made out of cob, the individual requires no experience and the structure is left to one’s imagination. The cob homes are valued because they are very unique, inexpensive (mortgage free) and the structure saves energy. They are strong and have the capacity to withstand natural disasters. They are fire proof and can store and hold heat. They involve a large number of labor force and become beneficial and fun when numerous people help in building.

To start up the building process, a location where one wants to build the house should be chosen. The materials required in building the house are sand, gravel, rocks, rubble, clay and straw. The natural materials (sand, clay and straw) are mixed together to form cob bricks. When the Cob brick dries up, the second step of the building continues.

The second step is the foundation of the house. A trench is dug along the areas one intends to build the walls. After, the gravels, rocks and rubble are mounted in the trench to provide a solid base for the walls of the house. Once the foundation is completed, the walls of the house are then put up depending on the structure one has in mind. In the process, it is important to check for cracks in the brickwork to identify whether there is too much clay in the mixture


When the walls and structure of the building is built to satisfaction, then all is set for the fixing of the roof and the floor of the house, as well as the doors of the house. The final structure is long-lasting and requires little upkeep.

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