3 Ways To Spruce Your Bathroom

well lit stylish lighting in bath

Light It Up

Think beyond the same old inset canisters: Adding an offbeat fixture can help redefine a space, as seen here in furniture designer Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz’s San Juan Capistrano, Calif., bathroom. “The rest of the room is so modern and clean, it needed an exclamation point,” she says. Lush potted orchids — the plants thrive in moist, well-lit quarters — next to the sink add a dynamic finishing touch.

luxurious low profile shower head

Go Low Profile Yet Luxurious

One of the simplest, low-cost-but-high-impact upgrades you can do is replace your shower head. The options for eco-conscious water-saving models are better-looking than ever — like this oversize, rain-can style, which features clean lines and a wide, satisfyingly powerful spray. Best yet, it can be screwed on in just seconds — no tools required — and rings in at less than $30.

bold artwork in bath

Hang Bold Artwork

For this Los Angeles-area master bath, designer Melissa Warner of Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design brought in a massive abstract photograph, mounting it in acrylic plastic to protect the image from splashing water. Still, steam might get in, so don’t use anything irreplaceable. “And if space permits, go big; it’ll make the bathroom feel like more of a destination,” Warner says.

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