Could You See Yourself Living In “The Quiet Zone”?

national radio quiet zoneWhat Is The Quiet Zone?

A 13,000 square mile area where state and federal laws discourage the use of everyday devices that emit electromagnetic waves.

Where Is The Quiet Zone?

Virginia: Alleghany County, Augusta County, Bath County, Highland County, Nelson County, Rockbridge County

West Virginia: Hardy County, Pendleton County, Pocahontas County, Randolph County, Upshur County

What is the purpose of The Quiet Zone?

The quiet zone aims to protect sensitive radio telescopes at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, as well as a nearby Naval research facility, from man-made interference. This silence enables the observatory to detect energy in outer space that is equivalent to the energy emitted by a single snowflake hitting the ground.

What is life like in The Quiet Zone?

Residents in this valley maintain a fundamentally tech-less lifestyle. No cell phone. No WiFi. No radio.

Could you see yourself living in “The Quiet Zone”?

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2 responses to “Could You See Yourself Living In “The Quiet Zone”?”

  1. Annette Kastner says :

    Where is the quiet zone in Nelson, Rockbridge & Augusta counties? I live in Charlottesville and have never heard of it in those counties. I would like to know where it is in Nelson particulary?
    Thank you.

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