Extreme Holiday Decorations

Each year around this time, people start to pull out the Christmas lights and decorations. If you are in need of some inspiration for your Holiday decorations, here are some homes that take their decorations to the next level.

The Faucher family has been putting up their Christmas light extravaganza outside their Delaware home for 23 years.

Faucher Family Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Alex Goodwind’s house is situated in Melksham, England and is worth close to $30,000 GBP.

Alex Goodwind Christmas Lights for 30000 GBP

This house in Fort Lauderdale, FL uses vintage lights and decorations.

The Clot family has brought a little piece of the North Pole to tropical southern Florida for more than 30 yrs.

Clot family Xmas Holiday Lights
This house covered in Christmas lights is in Mandaluyong City, eastern Manila.
Christmas lights on house in Philippines

This house in Gatineau, Quebec is famous, attracting out-of-town visitors each year.

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