Real Estate Personality Quizzes

Want to know what your home says about you?

Interested to know how your decorating style expresses your life choices?

Looking to find out why it makes sense that you love blue on walls but hate green?

Always wondered why you prefer subdivisions over farm houses?

With these links you can learn all of this and more! We’ve put together some of the popular personality quizzes related to real estate. Let us know what your home personality is like!

Find your color personality with Better Homes and Gardens. It really works! We know because one of our interns took the quiz and chose the new color for her bedroom.

What's your color personality? Find out at

New homeowners can find their home’s personality here.

Personality of Homes?

If you’re a long time homeowner try this quiz: Home’s Personality with Emily Clark

If you want to know your decorating style use this quiz but if you’d rather know the personality behind your clutter take this one instead. Or maybe you want to take both so you’ll know how to decorate once you finish cleaning out the office, guest cottage, and basement. 

Kitchen Design Personality Find yours at

Are you thinking about redecorating or completely overhauling your kitchen? You might want to take this quiz before you start.

Kitchen Personality Quiz 

Or, are you looking to relocate? How does your personality predict your dream location?

If you don’t find the perfect quiz here, you can easily find more online. There are A LOT to search and choose from. Let us know what your home personality is like.

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Direct Links (just in case you need to copy and paste)

Color Personality:

New Homeowner Quiz:

Home Personality Quiz with Emily Clark:

Decorating Style:

Clutter Quiz:

Kitchen Quiz:

Dream Living Location:


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