Decorating A Room That Fits Your Mood

What do the common rooms in your home say about you?

Have you ever walked into someone else’s home and been able to view the world through their eyes just by being in their space? If so, that’s because how a room is decorated, arranged, and focused says a lot about a person’s lifestyle, perspective, and energy.

Sometimes, the room functions as a play area, practice or work space and sometimes the theme expresses a lifestyle rather than a specific creative passion. It all depends on what you want your home to say about you.

If you don’t have an entire room to decorate, don’t worry. Try using small areas of common spaces to express yourself. Maybe you’ll design a craft corner or a 3D travel journal. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve compiled pictures of creative or activity based common areas for you to enjoy. Maybe one will inspire you to designate a space to self expression in your home.

Music Room

Music Room

Active Play Rooms

Active Play Room: Fun sized Gym

Activity Room

Social/Game Room

Adult PlayRoom

Art Room

Art Room

Craft Room

Craft Room

Black and White, Classic Theme

Black and White Color Inspired Room

Beach Theme

Beach Inspired Room

Safari, Exploration Theme

Safari, Exploration Theme

Pop Art, Colorful Inspiration Theme

Pop Art, Spunky Inspired Room



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