Holiday Homes in Cinema

It’s here! The season arrived in full force this past week. No, not the season of shopping and eating too much food- the season of holiday movies! Turn to Hallmark, TCM, or ABC Family almost every night from now until January to watch holiday, family, and feel good films.

If you’re like me, you probably have a few favorites that you watch every year again and again. Have you ever researched the sets for any of those films? Well, we did some digging and found some interesting facts regarding the homes and real estate used in some classic holiday movies.

The Holiday:

We discovered that only one of the main locations in The Holiday is real. The exterior of the L.A. location exists in San Marino, CA.

Onsite Filming: The Holiday  LA house

Miracle on 34th Street (The original):

The house in Port Washington, NY was built in 1943. It has 2 bathrooms, looks almost the same as it did when originally built, and is definitely not for sale.

White Christmas and Holiday Inn:

Sadly, neither of these films used real homes or local hotels. The magic was all Hollywood. We still love these classic holiday films, even if they didn’t film on location.

White Christmas Inn Hollywood Set

Home for the Holidays:

The cast of this 90s film spent more than 2 months filming in Baltimore, MD- a long way from Hollywood and LA. The longest filming portion of the movie was the Thanksgiving dinner scene which took almost 2 weeks.

Baltimore International Airport and Baltimore Museum of Art

Home for The Holidays Onsite Filming Baltimore Intl Airport

Home for the Holidays Onsite Filming Baltimore Museum of Art


This 1988 film premiered just in time for Thanksgiving. It tells the classic “A Christmas Carol” story with a modern twist and a cup filled to the brim with comedy.

While there aren’t any real homes used in the movie, there are some prime corporate real estate locations in NYC used as on-site filming locations.

Scrooged Onsite Film Locations  Seagrams Building

Scrooged Onsite Film Locations 45th Road and 23rd Street Long Island City

It’s A Wonderful Life:

The main house in the classic 1940s movie was a set constructed specifically for the film but the Martini House was an on-site filming location.

It's a Wonderful Life Onsite Filming Martini House

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