Can Messy Homes Still Be Functional?

Messy Home Sign

We’ve all been there. You know, the place where you visit someone and their home is so clean that a dozen thoughts run through your mind before you even sit down. Thoughts like: “Well her children are grown, I bet it wasn’t always like this” or “What does she do? Hire a professional team to deep clean EVERYTHING every day” or “I don’t even always have time to fill the dishwasher at night, much less keep the curtains from gathering dust.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying having a clean house is bad or unimportant. If you’re the type of person who keeps their home as neat as a pin and pride yourself on being able to eat off your floors without worry, then I am impressed. I applaud you and admire your skill and hard work!

I’m wondering though, if a messy home really tells us about the functionality of a household? I’m not talking about dirt, germs, or homes where the dust or mold is so thick it’s dangerous. I’m talking about mess: like when kids were playing with playdough and it didn’t all get cleaned up or the coffee table has too many magazines or you’re never ahead with the laundry and it’s always in piles. Does mess really make us less able to function?

Children's toys sure can make a mess. At least they're having fun!

A little bit of mess never hurt anyone

Maybe you’re the type of person that doesn’t deal well with organized chaos. Maybe you need things to be neat, orderly, and clean. But I’ve found that it’s not the mess that makes a house functional, it’s the people. Sometimes messy can still work.

Messy Desk but still working!

Messy Bedroom

What do you think? Tell us about your experiences balancing the messy, cluttered, lived in look with organization. We’d love to hear your opinion!

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