Generation X

If you are a member of Generation X then you were born between the year 1965 and 1979. When it comes to home buyers, they are the ones looking for all the high-end amenities and finishes. You see this a lot on shows like MTV Cribs, where this generation desires to own homes like the celebrities.

The reason for that being, is that for this generation, your home shows how successful you are. For this reason, the generation has been determining to become more knowledgeable about real estate and also have been quicker to jumping to buy their own homes. They are buying homes quicker than the generations before them.

This is interesting as they are the generation struggling the most in the market.  The market crashed right as the generation was trying to establish their own financial future. Now, they are known to have the lowest average net worth in their households. With their strong desire to own a nice home with nice things, they have the most financial responsibilities and the most on their plate, but tend to be the most knowledgeable and prepared.

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