Real Estate and Conceal & Carry

Only a few months ago, it became legal to conceal and carry a weapon in public in all fifty states. This was after the long battle being fought in Illinois, making it the final state in the country to pass the legislation.  What does this mean for real estate?

Landlords now have to decide whether or not to allow concealed weapons on their property and post signage to indicate their decision.  This opens doors to liability issues, especially if they do not enforce their own signage. Things can always go wrong. This applies to landlords as well and whether or not they allow firearms in their buildings with tenants.

Although, this may seem like common sense, it affects potential homebuyers and renters.  If you are looking to rent a home or an apartment and you own a firearm, knowing your landlord’s policy on the matter, will be helpful.  It is also important for home buyers to know the gun laws of the city or county. If you are adamant about carrying a firearm with you, knowing where you can and cannot carry may affect the location or area you choose to buy a home.

The final effect on conceal and carry laws have on real estate is its effect on crime rates. Conceal and carry laws are known to lower violent crime rates by an average of 30 percent! This means the country is getting to be a safer place to live and travel, which may just attract more people to live in America than even before.

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