Shipping Container Homes

 In the movies, the only time you see a shipping container as a home is when a traveler or homeless person needs a place to sleep.  Who would have thought that in real life, shipping containers make the perfect option for a cost effective and green home.  Shipping containers are recycled into homes, cutting the cost of what would be spent on an average house.  These shipping containers are usually also made of up to eighty percent recycled materials!

            I know your next question may be: where can I get one of these? The truth is, most shipping container homes are designed and built by the owner, making each home custom made for the family. You can either deck out a single container or go big and put together three! On average, a shipping container can cost around $4,000 per unit, making the basic structure of your house next to nothing!

            Do not assume that all you have to do is push together a few containers, cut some holes for doors and you have a cost efficient house.  There are other costs involved, but still would only add up to a fraction of the price of an average home today. In order to build a shipping container home, there are some factors to take into consideration. First, you must make sure you have your plans drawn up. Then, you need to have the permits that is required to build and a contractor to help you along the way. When drawing up your plans, keep in mind that for every door and window you cut out into the container, the structure weakens and it becomes compromised. That is something you should consult with the contractor with as well. You will want to pre-order the containers and get started laying down the foundation, which is just a slab of concrete.  Once this is all of this is complete, it is time to build and add everything you need to make it a home.

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