The Rise Of Micro Apartments

When most people think of the prefix “micro”, they think of microorganisms or microbiology. Basically, they think science. Have you ever heard the prefix “micro” and thought of real estate? Nowadays, some people do. All over the country, more and more people are renting and leasing micro apartments.

Micro comes from the Greek word, mikros, meaning small. In the metric system, it represents the fator one-millionth. To many Americans, micro is less than 350 square feet of self-contained living space.  With so many people living alone, the rental market in many urban areas is becoming bleak. For this reason, prices are soaring, making finding an affordable place to live nearly impossible. Cities all over the country are combatting this problem by creating micro apartments.

Micro apartments consist of one room, with all of the rooms they need inside of it. You have to use your furniture in multiple ways to make the space work. Creativity becomes very important. In a culture where everyone wants more, micro apartments are new and somewhat difficult concept to grasp. In cities like Tokyo or Hong Kong, they have been embracing the concept for years.  Now, with North American cities’ populations growing, they are being forced to grasp the concept as well. It is a solution to their population density problem other than continuing to build higher and higher.

In order for micro apartments to truly have been embraced, many cities have had to waive zoning laws, as that size of real estate has been outlawed for years. So, for now, micro apartments are being tested here as a solution to a major problem we never really thought about before.


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