Who Is Barbara Corcoran?

Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran is one of largest real estate players in the country. She has built her real estate empire out of New York City starting as a waitress in a diner. She borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend and used it to start their own real estate firm. She started out working with her boyfriend as a rental agent as he had the controlling portion of the company, until she realized the potential in sales. They switched to a sales-only firm when her boyfriend and partner left her.

That is when she started the Corcoran Group, NYC’s first woman-owned real estate firm.  Her firm became the top rated firm in the city, which is when she then sold her firm for $66 million.  Today, she is best known for her time on the Today Show and Shark Tank where she uses her money to help others trying to reach the top as she did.  She is the classis shark, ruthless and determined. She is also successful, and a nationally known real estate icon. It all started with a loan and one property.

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